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Ski Resorts Adjust to Winter Warmup

"This kind of weather isn’t ideally what we want to see but when it comes to march it’s kinda inevitable."

This week’s warm up isn’t helping the ski resorts, places like Boyne Mountain and Nub’s Nob had to make snow to adjust.

"We made snow three days last week in anticipation of this warmer wet weather that we’re seeing now and that allows us to stockpile it up and move it where we need the coverage," says Boyne Director of Communications Erin Ernst.

Nub’s Nob had to do the same thing. Plus they opened later than usual, making it a shorter season overall.

"It’s been a shorter season I think we’re at 85 days right now compared to 125 total days last season," says Nub’s Nob Assistant Area Manager Ben Doornbos.

Both resorts will try to stay open til April, hoping to draw people in even if the weather isn’t ideal.

"Since the weather can be unpredictable we tend to pack the schedule full of as many events as we can," says Ernst.

Not only are ski resorts seeing warmer temps and rain this week that rain is causing low visibility on the slopes, creating constant fog for the skiers.

"There’s not too many people out here so you’re not worrying about hitting somebody but you really have to watch where you’re going today," says skier Shane Brown.

Brown tries to ski three times a week but knows the skiing days are numbered.

"It’s kinda sad towards the end… you gotta get out here before its gone," says Brown.

Despite the possibility of losing snow before April, the resorts say the skiers and snowboarders have enjoyed this season.

"The skiing has been excellent. January was great. February was great lots of natural snowfall and sunny days and comfortable temps so I think the story of this season is short season but a nice one," says Doornbos.