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Northern Michigan Republicans React to Trump’s Primary Win

This is Donald Trump’s 2nd win for the night and 14th state win so far in the race for the 2016 presidential election.

9&10’s David Lyden has more on how republicans are reacting to Trump’s win.

A big win for Donald Trump here in Michigan and all eyes are now on who finishes second and the impact it has moving forward

“Fun to watch these results come in.”

A big win for Donald Trump in Michigan’s primary. One that pushes him even closer to a nomination.

“Well I think it’s a huge boost there’s no question in my mind that this is a huge boost for Trump, he’s going to go in with momentum in the next few states that’s really going to be big.” Says John Roth, Chair of Grand Traverse County

Second place is now the focus as they could still grab momentum heading into primary voting in states that have large amounts of delegates

“Second place is going to be very important now to pull delegates you’re going to have to hit the 15% threshold to hit delegates and it’s going to be very important for both Ted Cruz and John Kasich.”

Local republican leaders say Trump’s victory is a sign his message resonates with voters

“When you start looking at the amount of focus Donald Trump put on Michigan those efforts have results. He really resonated within that base when you look at 5,000 people attending an event waiting for hours for his visits those are the types of things and messaging that make the mark.” Says Jason Allen.

And republican voters say they’re focused on supporting whoever the nominee is

“Really was favoring Cruz over Trump our home now is that Trump will do exactly what he said if he’s a man of his work he’ll be great president probably what we need right now about now may be an opportunity to put our political house back in order.” Says Tom Stillings.

That battle for second place coming down to Ted Cruz and John Kasich according to the latest numbers.

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