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Crowds Gather in Traverse City for Bernie Sanders Rally

After hearing about the senator’s surprise visit yesterday, people rearranged their schedules and showed up as early as 10 Friday morning to hear what the presidential candidate had to say.

”Something that’s actually this big come to TC and have people actually experience something that’s going on in the world,” says attendee Abby Kasuke.

An exciting turn for many in Traverse City, who turned out to see Senator Bernie Sanders face to face. A surprise appearance the candidate only announced a day earlier.

Chris Primo says it was a must for him to be at rally. “I couldn’t actually believe I heard that there was actually a Bernie rally coming on here in Traverse.”

Most came as supporters.

“I’m 48 years old and I’ve never been involved I felt entirely disenfranchised from the political process to be honest from the get, this is the first time I’ve felt the Bern I suppose,” says Chris Primo.

While others, including plenty of young voters, took advantage of the learning experience.

Elissa Estenik says, “It’s my first year being able to vote and I want to know what’s going on; who’s everybody standing for. I think it’s really cool to be able to see him in person and like I said be really involved with the community and the presidential election.”

No matter their reasons for coming, many say this rally was one to remember.

“Inside of there was electric people involved are very engaged electorate. Talking with people in line people are interested in the issues and the content of what this election can mean,” says attendee Kathy Warner.

With three candidate visits, it is clear Northern Michigan isn’t going unnoticed.

Kathy Warner says, “It speaks a lot to the engagement of the population here, it says that our issues are important and it’s great to see that the candidates are interested in our area as well.”

Anne Stanton says, “I mean it’s a big treat even if you don’t support and that they’re actually paying attention to us up here.”

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