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Nine Suspects Arrested In Operation Sweety To Appear In Court

Nine people will be in court Thursday.

Police arrested them in a huge drug bust Wednesday.

Several agencies worked together in the case.

They arrested four people in Detroit and five in Grand Traverse County early Wednesday morning.

They’re accused of bringing heroin and cocaine north to sell.

The woman they say who is behind it all, Charese Arnold, is being charged with 13 counts of conspiracy to deliver and manufacture thousands of grams of heroin and cocaine.

Police arrested Erika Travis, Kamon Arnold and Avontae Bullock in the Detroit raid.

They say these crimes go back six years.

The investigation there led officers to arrest Taylor Swayze, Ashley Hendershott, William Cox, Amber Clous and Mitchell Anderson in Grand Traverse County.

We will have a crew at their arraignments Thursday afternoon.