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Isabella County Seeing Messy Roads and More Snow

All of the snow means a longer, more stressful commute tonight.

In Mount Pleasant, drivers are dealing with snow-covered roads and sometimes slick driving conditions.

"Everyone definitely needs to be alert or else you can slide out pretty quick," says CMU student Jeremy Knight.

We all know snow and driving never mix well and today is no exception.

These conditions are perfect for slide offs or spin outs.

"Your heart drops and you start spinning. You’re a little nervous but can’t really do anything about it though. You just have to wait till it’s over," says Knight.

If the stress over sliding off the road isn’t enough, some people run into car problems on days like today.

"My car just died on the corner and I had one truck pull up behind me, another one in front of me, Cameron from the rental center came out and jumped me," says Mount Pleasant resident Debbie Lukens.

Lukens says seeing people willing to help a complete stranger makes dealing with these driving conditions a lot easier but Michigan State Police is reminding people if you do stop to help you have to be careful.

"If they can stop safely where they’re not impeding the flow of traffic to check and make sure no one is hurt…then i don’t discourage that. But it’s best to call 9-1-1," says Sgt. Lance Cook.

State police remind people just because the road looks pretty clear in one area, doesn’t mean it won’t change in a matter of seconds.

"Roads are going to be slippery even if you’ve had a stretch of road that’s been good, you can come up on one that’s suddenly a little icier than normal or drifting. What might’ve been a safe speed a quarter mile ago might now might be too fast for conditions," says Sgt. Cook.