Northern Michigan Prepares For Presidential Candidates

Presidential candidates are bracing for super Tuesday.

and as they do, two GOP hopefuls are planning trips through Northern Michigan.

Donald Trump will rally at the Wexford County Civic Center on Friday.

John Kasich will hold a town hall meeting at the Park Place Hotel in Traverse City on Saturday.

The GOP candidates are all over the TV… And now excitement’s growing that two would-be presidents will take time to meet people in northern Michigan.

"For the last 3 to 6 months we have been working really, really hard to bring a presidential candidate here we reached out to all of them repeatedly and we finally got word that Donald Trump was willing to come," said Michele Hoitenga.

Northern Michigan Republicans now have to get last minute logistics worked out as Donald Trump prepares for a stop in Cadillac on Friday afternoon.

"I think this week is going to be a very busy week I know we are reaching out to Missaukee County and Osceola County and we are all pulling together with Wexford County and trying to make this a collaborative effort and the more people that come the better hopefully they come from all over Michigan," said Michele Hoitenga.

John Kasich also has a town hall in Traverse City on Saturday morning, giving him a chance to interact with voters.

"To get two of your larger caliber candidates up here in northern Michigan should be exciting for us. I think it shows a little bit of relevancy from northern Michigan that we are a benefit in this race and that they want to be here they want to touch base with the folks up here," said Kent Wood.

The campaign stops, showing that northern Michigan does matter when it comes to Michigan’s Presidential Primary.

"Especially for the primary I think it’s wise for them to come to northern Michigan at least get a couple stops in because again when you’ve got that smaller voting pool and northern Michigan had traditionally been a conservative area they can go to great lengths to pick up a number of votes up here," said Kent Wood.

You can find more information on Kasich’s campaign stop here, and information for Trump’s stop here.