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Mason County Fire Destroys Home Lived in by Three Generations

It took close to 30 firefighters to get a house fire under control this morning.

The Mason County homeowner was able to get out safely but his five pets died in the fire.

It started around 7 a.m. this morning on Sixth Street in Pere Marquette Township

This house was passed down for three generations, which makes dealing with the destruction even more difficult.

Gary Castonia grew up here.

"It’s a shock at the beginning then after that it’s trying to get everything under control and calm down and look at things logically," says Castonia.

He says when he got here this morning, he felt like he was watching his memories go up in flames.

"Shoveling this driveway every winter, all the games we used to play out back back when we were kids. We played outside a lot," says Castonia.

His son owned the house, and made it out safely after seeing flames.

"My sons most upset about his animals he had three dogs and two cats lost in the fire lost every bit of his clothes," says Castonia.

A safe with 25 guns is also a blackened and charred mess.

Castonia says losing the pets though is whats hardest on his son.

"He’s really upset over the loss of his animals we’re trying to reassure him that we’re just happy that he got out. Everything else can be replaced," says Castonia.

The Pere Marquette Fire Chief says the fire seemed to start in the kitchen but they’re still investigating to determine an exact cause.

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