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Crystal Mountain Accident Kills Skier

People at Crystal Mountain are mourning the loss of one of their skiers today.

Yesterday afternoon a Traverse City man lost control on the Cheers downhill trail and died.

The skier lost an edge and went into the padded area of one of the race course’s snow gun towers.

Ski Patrol and EMS workers did their best to give the skier medical care but were not successful.

The man later died because of his injuries.

Crystal Mountain says his loss impacts many people out on the slopes.

"He was a very familiar face around Crystal Mountain and we just want to try to be there in any way we can for his friends and family and we want to support the staff here and our ski patrolers that were out on the hill yesterday trying to help and we just want to support people as they try to cope with this loss it’s a difficult thing," said Brian Lawson.

The Cheers downhill trail is now back open.

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