Hook & Hunting: Ice Safety

Wednesday night’s fresh snow poses a new problem for ice anglers.

Just because there’s a lot of snow on the ice, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe.

Steve Knaisel the owner of Pilgrim Village Fishing Shop in Cadillac says the last few weeks have been a rollercoaster weather-wise.

But he’s confident the ice on Lake Mitchell is safe.

Knaisel says there are sure signs to keep in mind when wondering if the ice is safe.

“When you see the shorelines starting to open up and you see some of the bigger expansion cracks opening wider, it’s time to get off. But there’s a lot of warning signs prior to that and open water at the shorelines is the first place it’s gonna go.” Says Steve Knaisel

The DNR says shanties in the Lower Peninsula need to be off the ice by March 15th.

Ice anglers above the bridge have until March 31st.

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