Cherry Capital Airport Passengers Experience Flight Delays, Cancellations

The stormy weather is causing problems for people trying to fly in and out of Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City.

Almost every chair is empty in the Cherry Capital Airport terminal.

The winter storm caused airlines to cancel and delay flights to and from Detroit and Chicago for hours, causing an inconvenience for many.

“It looks like what I’m going to do is fly to Detroit tonight and fly to Houston tomorrow morning, just rushing around trying to rearrange my schedule so it will work.” Says traveler John Dewitt

Traveler Anne McCaffrey says all she can really do is be proactive.

“I was hoping to get home tonight I’ve got an appointment at noon so we’ll see if I’ll make it.  I have kids, I have to figure out how they’re being transported to school tomorrow since I’m away one more day. How they are inconvenient, who’s going to carpool them to school?”

If you are flying out, make sure you check the status of your flight.

To check the incoming and outgoing flight statuses at Cherry Capital Airport, click here