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Local Teams Finish Strong in U.P Swim and Dive Finals

The U.P. swim and dive finals were today in Marquette and several local teams were in competition

On the boy’s side Marquette took first with 326 points, the Sault finished third with 205 points,

Kingsford came in sixth with 128 points,

Rudyard finishes ninth with 10 points.

On the girls side Gladstone took first winner with 281 points.

Kingsford finished fourth with 175 points.

Rudyard placed fifth with 141 points.

In the girls 200 Yard Medley Relay, Kingsford finished second, Rudyard placed fifth, and the Sault came in sixth.

On the boys side of that event the Sault was third, just in front of Kingsford.

Emily Bruns of Kingsford placed fifth in the Girls 200 Yard Freestyle.

Esther Berkompas was eight.

For the boys Gage Komarnizki placed second, Michael Jamar was ninth.

In the girls 200 Yard IM Peyton Johnson was first. Lacee Cryderman of the Sault placed eighth followed by Paige Fehner of Rudyard

In the boy’s action Caleb Plumley from Kingsford came in third,

For the girls 50 Yard Freestyle Trista MacDowell from Rudyard took second, Toni Demerse of Kingsford was fourth and Ayssa Cloud from Rudyard came in seventh.

For the boys Leevi Olson from the Sault was first.

In 1 M Diving Ellie Raffaele was second and Torye Anderson was fourth, they are both from the Sault.

For the boys Kevin Boucher placed first and Erik Finley took third, they are also both from the Sault.

In the 100 Yard Butterfly Lacce Cryderman of the Sault finished seventh followed by Jazlyn Nainan of Rudyard.

For the boys Drake Perez from the Sault was third, Leo Stelmaszek from Kingsford followed in fourth, Team mate Joe Bachand placed sixth.

In the girls 100 Yard Freestyle Peyton Johnson from Kingsford took first. Trista MacDowell was third.

On the boys side Gage Komarnizki took second.

For the girls 500 Yard Freestyle Emily Bruns took third for Kingsford. Teammate Ailie Schoenborn was fifth.

Esther Berkompas from Rudyard finished eighth.

For the boys Leevi Olson from the Sault won, teammate Drake Perez finished in third.

In the girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay, Rudyard finished fourth, Kingsford placed fifth.

For the boys the Sault took third and Kingsford fifth.

In the Girls 100 Yard Backstroke Toni DeMerse of Kingsford was second. Emily Berkompass took fifth and Jazlyn Naina was seventh – both of Rudyard. Lauren Poliski from the Sault was ninth.

In the boys event Leo Stelmaszek from Kingsford was sixth, his teammate Cameron Mulka was eighth.

For the girls 100 Yard Breaststroke Hailey Johnson was fifth and Emilee Curtis was ninth.

For the boys Caleb Plumley from Kingsford was second, David English of Rudyard was fifth, Nathan Green from the Sault took sixth.

In the girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay Kingsford finished second, Rudyard was fifth and the Sault was seventh.

For the boys the Sault was fourth and Kingsford took sixth.

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