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City of Petoskey Businesses Adapt After Watermain Break

"Nature happens like that especially with the city water system you never know," said Ben Walker.

Businesses in Petoskey are having to adjust to a new boil water notice that’s in affect right now.

"The first thing that went through my head was oh great I have a full house hotel, I’m right in the middle of serving a busy breakfast and I have to deal with this. But I have a great and very experienced core staff and they pitched in to get everything taken care of," said Winston Finlayson

Stafford’s Perry Hotel went room to room, and also called their guests to let them know not to drink the water. They had enough ice for today, but if the notice continues, they will have to make some changes.

"I hope the boil water notice ends very soon so we can get back to normal tomorrow morning. We are great for today but if we are dealing with it tomorrow we are going to have to do some other things such as buy ice, buy more packaged water products and soft drinks and that sort of thing," said Winston Finlayson.

Roast and Toast also had to break the news to their customers.

"Been having to tell people we don’t have any tap water, any ice and don’t have any soda but they’ve all been very very good about it and have either purchased bottled water, or sodas, or some kind of specialty drink," said Ben Walker.

The local businesses haven’t let the boil water notice stop them from keeping things running smoothly.

"We’re used to dealing with special requirements whether it’s an emergency like this or one of our catering events or special parties," said Winston Finlayson.

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