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Cadillac Woman Gets Help Heating Home with Firewood Donations

A Cadillac woman getting some generous help to heat her home this winter.

About a week ago Jenifer Wright ran out of firewood to heat her home, and didn’t have money to buy more.

Around that same time, pipes in her basement also burst.

That’s when Jenifer turned to Facebook.

“We have no wood and your pipes are burst downstairs in your basement,” is what Jenifer Wright’s brother told her.

Words Jenifer Wright did not want to hear last week. A single mother, Jenifer could not afford to buy more firewood and faced the challenge of heating her home in the middle of winter

“How do I do this, how do I fix this, I called a couple different organizations and they couldn’t get me in fast enough and it was really cold and bitter that night,” said Wright.  

So Jenifer posted on Facebook asking for help, and almost immediately people began offering to donate firewood. Keeping Jenifer and her family warm.

“It was wonderful, it was amazing, and there were so many in credible people that were giving me prayers and encouragement. I wasn’t expecting any of this,” said Wright.  

That post got all the way to Joe Silvers of Joe’s Tree Service in Lake City, who gathered up  donations and dropped off several cords of wood for Jenifer

“I just appreciate my community and I do what I can to help anyone here. I can’t even put it into words, it was really something. I’m happy to do it and there’s other people all involved, it was a lot of people out there,” said Silvers.  

Now as Jenifer works to fix her pipes and figure out the next step, she’s thankful for the overwhelming support of her community.

“Thank you, just thank you, God bless you and thank you. It means a lot, it means the world. I don’t know anybody that’s helped me, I met them for the first time when they showed up to my home. Tough times are tough times but I get through them every time,” said Wright.