Houghton Lake Middle School Holds Fundraiser For Student With Bone Cancer

Not often a student gets to throw a pie in the face of their teacher.    

But on Tuesday it was all for a very good reason.    

The fundraiser is helping Logan Land, a student who lost his leg to bone cancer a couple weeks ago.

The messy fundraiser happened Tuesday afternoon at Houghton Lake Middle School.

9&10’s Lynsey Mukomel was at the assembly and has more details on how this will help Logan and his family.

Things got pretty rowdy for students at Houghton Lake Middle School Tuesday but all for a good cause.

“I don’t want them to feel bad because I want to be normal. I want to be Logan, I want my life back because I’m spending every weekend in the hospital for chemo.”

Logan Land was diagnosed with bone cancer in the fall. He had a tumor removed from his leg but the cancer spread, so it was decided that it was best to amputate his left leg.

“All I was hearing was life over leg and I wanna live my life and so I picked to lose the leg.” Says Logan Land

The adjustment has been hard on him

“Just this morning on my way here, I grabbed two socks and I got all mad at myself because I forgot the legs gone, and they told me that was going to happen but I thought I was smarter than that to forget.” Says Logan.

His surgery was a couple weeks ago but on Tuesday his middle school held an assembly to raise money for his family and donating meant being able to pie a teacher in the face.

The school has raised more than $900 so far. His parents say it’s amazing to see the school and some of his good friends help him through the tough adjustment.

“The friends that have stepped is really awesome they’ve shown that he’s still Logan, not Logan without a leg.” Says Logan’s father, Dean Land.

One of the things Logan wants to use the money for is a prosthetic leg and he’s not going to let the amputation stop him.

If you’re interested in helping, visit Logan’s GoFundMe page.