Cadillac Shops See Customer Slow Down as Winter Chill Continues

Businesses are some of the first in Northern Michigan to feel the effects of winter weather

Some see more customers, while others see a big slowdown.

9&10’s Cody Boyer checked in with shops in downtown Cadillac today to see how the winter is treating them.


"The drop from Saturday to Monday was crazy."

For downtown shops, a drop in degrees can mean a drop in customers.

Delivery drivers from places like Patterson’s Flowers often see the changes first.

"Especially since Valentine’s Day was on a Sunday this year, it just kind of seemed like business was slower than usual," says Alex Booth, delivery driver for Patterson’s Flowers. "We went from having maybe 20-some deliveries a day to, like, two."

Alex Booth says the holidays in the colder part of the year bring more work for him.

"We were really busy from my point," Booth says. "I was driving from McBain to Mesick, Manton, Falmouth, all over the place. I put about 300 miles on our van. It was a long day."

..But others like the Sweet Shop feel the slow down.

Winter brings its own set of problems.

"We don’t have a whole lot of street parking so if all those spots are busy in front of us, they are going to have to walk a block, a half a block and sometimes people don’t want to do that when it’s really, really cold," says Janeen Russell, owner of the Sweet Shop.

Russell says there is a bright side, though.

A bit of quiet offers catch-up time.

"It does slow down a little bit," Russell says. "There always are the people coming in for birthday gifts or anniversary gifts or just sweet treats for themselves but that then also gives us time to clean up from Valentine’s Day and gear up for Easter."

…And their signs saying "Welcome" will stay out — despite the cold.

"Come on in, warm up, get you a snowbird when you get here and chocolate is always good to keep you warm," Russell says.