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Sonic Boom Surprises People in Several Michigan Counties

"I thought there was a bomb that went off! It was really scary."

Big reaction after an even bigger sound over Northern Michigan.

Many looking to skies, wondering where it came from.

People across several counties say a sonic boom shook homes and windows this morning.

Reports of the boom flooded into police around 10 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 11 in Mecosta, Osceola and Montcalm Counties.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Ian Oliver found people who experienced the boom.

They have more details.


Some people say it sounded like an explosion.

Everyone who heard the sound agree it was sudden — and loud.

"The sound level was so loud, like firing a large weapon without hearing protection," says Teresa Swift-Eckert, administrative assistant at the Evart Police Department.

A thunderous boom caused buildings to tremble and it came from nowhere.

Teresa was alone at her office in Evart when it happened.

"Chief Beam had just gone out on a call," Swift-Eckert says. "I was alone in the building and had just come in from getting the mail and shut the door. It shook the whole building. My windows right here cling together and I thought something fell on the roof so i immediately went outside to see if something did."

As quickly as the noise came, it was gone.

The Evart Fire and Police Department says military jets were the source.

"Some jets had just flown over, I panicked slightly, thinking that something fell from one of them and maybe hit our roof or maybe hit something close by," Swift-Eckert says. "People outside just seemed to be going about their daily business. I’ve worked around officers and know the sound of firearms. It sounded like somebody shot a shotgun right next to the building."

Teresa says it wasn’t long before it was clear she wasn’t the only one hearing it.

"People started calling us to ask what happened, sending us messages," Swift-Eckert says. "People were just concerned. They heard it. They weren’t sure what it was. Of course, everybody was speculating what it might have happened but that was all before we knew for sure what it was."

Donald Hiler in Morley also heard the sound.

After living in Morley for around 15 years, he says he has never heard anything quite like it.

"We thought a bomb went off," Hiler says. "I’m out looking around my windows and stuff to look to see if I lost a neighbor or something."

Donald and his wife were just sitting down to start their day.

"We were both sitting at the table," Hiler says. "I was having coffee with my wife and this huge explosion-type percussion hit the trailer. You could feel it in your chest."

Then their trailer began to sway.

"It was actually quite an experience," Hiler says. "The percussion was to the point where it made my trailer waiver. It waved like an earthquake. It’s like a rude awakening. You will be looking and listening. It’ll put you on your toes."

Whatever it was, he hopes it doesn’t happen again.

"You miss a couple of heart beats if you experience something like that," Hiler says. "When your whole body shakes and your whole trailer and you are looking out your window to see if maybe your neighbor is gone.  Yeah, it’s scary!"

We reached out to the FAA and the National Guard, who are looking into what happened.

Fortunately, no damage was reported.

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