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Mecosta County Crews Battle Fire At Chippewa Community Building

Developing news in Mecosta County.

Crews are on the scene of a community center on fire.

The fire is at the Chippewa Township Community Building at the intersection of 19 Mile Road and 105th Avenue, just west of Barryton.

The building is still standing, but there’s no telling the amount of damage done inside.

Part of the roof is caved in.

It’s believed the fire started in the attic and then spread to the rest of the building.

The metal roof also created some problems for firefighters as they battled the fire.

No one was hurt in the fire but the fire chief says for the small community around here, this is a significant loss.

“It’s a pretty big loss there’s lots of organizations that use it for meetings and wedding receptions and gatherings throughout the community. Right now were in mop up stage so hitting hot spots but the fire is under control.” Says Brian David, Asst. Chief Chippewa Twp. Fire dept.

Now firefighters are still working to figure out what caused the fire but do believe it started somewhere in the attic