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Roscommon County School Investigated Following Inappropriate Relationship Accusation

Promo Image: Roscommon County School Investigated Following Inappropriate Relationship Accusation

Parents with kids going to school at Charleton Heston Academy learning today that a teacher may have had an inappropriate relationship with a high school student.

School administrators found out about the accusations on Tuesday.

Now, a teacher at the school in Saint Helen is on a leave of absence as police investigate.

Parents rallying around the administration, who told them right away when they learned about what was going on.

"Of course as a parent you’re rocked to the core because a school is a safe place for children you send them to be here," said Tracy Cruz.

Parents, teachers and administrators are feeling uneasy as a criminal investigation is underway looking into an inappropriate relationship between a teacher and high school student.

"At this point it is an allegation however our job is to keep kids safe and educate them and get them ready for work life and college. And at this point when you have an allegation that’s been brought to your attention that a student might not have been kept safe then we have to report that to the police," said Dave Patterson.

The investigation leaves school administrators thinking twice about the safety of students.

"It forces us to reexamine and ensure that all our students feel safe in the high school division as well as the other decisions. Student safety is of the utmost concern and our first priority," said Jason Sarsfield.

Parents are holding on to their kids a little tighter as they wait for more details.

"We are supportive, we are putting smiles on our faces and we are hugging our children and being honest with any questions that we might know and we are patiently waiting for answers," Tracy Cruz said.

And coming together with the administration so everyone can move on.

"We would just like to move forward quickly and just have this as a tiny speck of what we are not be marked for this as what we are," said Tracy Cruz.

The school does not know when details of the investigation will be released.