Leelanau County Responders Ready for Expected Heavy Snow

With some areas expected to get lots of snow by Wednesday night plenty of people are on call.

“I always say that winter in Leelanau County is dangerous times.”

Colder temperatures, strong winds and lots of snow are expected in the next 24 hours. People in Leelanau County are on standby.

“When conditions are bad and everybody’s telling folks to stay home and stay off the roads if you can, that’s when our guys are out there on the roads,” says Dan Wagner, Leelanau County Road Commission managing director. “So it’s not the greatest situation in that respect and safety is obviously something we take very seriously.”

The Leelanau County Road Commission says they’re ready to get workers on the road, but the expected wintery mix will make their jobs harder.

“It’s going to be very windy, blowing snow, poor visibility so things that we can’t really control. It does make it a little bit more difficult for us too if we have high winds as far as getting material for putting salt and sand down. As you can imagine if there’s a strong wind it’s just going to blow off on clear roads,” Wagner says.

Cedar Fire and Rescue expects more calls during the storm, and say drivers should slow down and be prepared to see them out.

“Our number one call would be cars flipping over, cars going into the ditch and I have to say it’s because drivers can be careless,” says Lt. Tim Johnson. “Too often we do have drivers that will keep going. There’s a couple times we’ve had drivers going way to fast, skip on the ice and we’d have to run behind our ambulance or fire truck just in case they hit us. So when you see EMS, fire or police stop and be instructed on further what to do.”

They say everyone needs to think about the weather and use common sense, in hopes of keeping drivers and passengers safe.

“You have to be sure you go out on the roads knowing that there’s going to be hazardous conditions. Use your headlights, slow down, give yourself enough space between cars,” Lt. Johnson says.