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Potter’s Bakery Prepares For Fat Tuesday

With Fat Tuesday around the corner, bakeries across Northern Michigan are racing against the clock for the Paczki rush.

Potter’s Bakery in Traverse City began their Fat Tuesday production Monday at noon, but has been selling the polish donuts since last Thursday.        

The bakery says Fat Tuesday is their busiest day of the year.

They’re expecting up to 950 customers Tuesday.

From the frying to the glazing and 14 different fillings, the staff has their work cut out.

Owner Kathleen Potter says their Paczkis are one of a kind and every Fat Tuesday is unique.

“We make them here, we have our own recipe we got from Hamtramck so it’s pretty close to the original and we make our own fillings. What we can do is add to it like this year we added on pineapple, we added on apricot and our dark chocolate so it kind of gives us room to you know come up with a new filling every year.”

Potter’s bakery opens at 5:30 Tuesday morning.