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Cedar Man Arrested For Child Endangerment, Drug Crimes

A man found slumped over the wheel and high on meth at a gas station is now behind bars.

Traverse City police arrested the Cedar man early Saturday morning.

Around 4:15a.m. an officer got called to the Holiday gas station in Greilickville.

The man appeared unconscious and police say he had been smoking meth.

The officer had reason to believe he had been driving the car.

A woman from Cedar and her baby were also in the vehicle.

Police say the woman was not under the influence and CPS turned the infant over to her after the man was arrested.

“He’s not only putting himself and his girlfriend at risk, but a helpless child,” says Captain Jim Bussell. “Not to mention the other motorists and pedestrians out on the road. That type of behavior puts all these people at risk.”

The man faces charges for operating while under the influence of drugs, child endangerment and having marijuana.

He was lodged at the Leelanau County Jail.

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