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Central Michigan University Student Death Shakes Community

Promo Image: Central Michigan University Student Death Shakes Community

"I was shocked at how close it hit home for us it’s literally two buildings away so it was just really scary to watch the sirens and everything go rushing there," said Thomas Kornieck.

Central Michigan University students are in shock after losing a fellow Chippewa.

"Upon arrival he was being treated by two civilians, who one of whom had some CPR training. They were attempting to resuscitate the patient," said Trooper Don Dutcher.

Jonathan Justice, pronounced dead at the scene, was from the Farmington Hills area.

"At this point alcohol is definitely believed to be a factor there’s a possibility some prescription medications could have been involved as well. However that’s to be determined pending an examination and toxicology results," said Trooper Don Dutcher.

As police wait for those results, investigators say dealing with the death of a young student is always difficult.

"Obviously in these kinds of situations it’s very tragic that this sort of thing happens. You have a young person who has their whole life ahead of them," said Trooper Don Dutcher.

It’s also a reality check for students.

"When we were talking about it last night we really sat there and thought how it could have been any of us," said Thomas Kornieck.

"There’s something to be learned from this. It’s people have to learn to look out for each other a little more especially college age and high school age kids you really need to look out for your friends," said Trooper Don Dutcher.