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Cadillac Businesses Thrive During NASF

"We always look forward to this weekend. We are always filled for the festival," said Steve Knaisel.

The North American Snow Festival, drawing in big crowds to the Cadillac area. Many local hotels like the Evergreen Resort are full, keeping workers on their toes.

"We just make sure we are staffed the way we need to make sure we have plenty of snowmobile permits on hand and trail maps, have our staff levels where they need to be to keep everybody happy," said Stuart Lamson.

Despite some scheduling changes for this year’s festival, the resort is happy to see great temperatures and weather for the weekend.

"Just be happy we actually have snow it’s been a dicy winter so we were concerned earlier in the year to actually get our normal business from it if there would be enough snow so we are pretty happy to have the weather turn out as well as it did," said Stuart Lamson.

Local restaurants, like Clam Lake Brewing Company, are also filled from wall to wall.

"Knowing these events are coming up we make sure we schedule properly and have plenty of staff, we just try to keep a positive attitude keep everyone moving at a high pace to keep our customer service where it normally is," said Josh Clark.

Thousands will be in Cadillac during the festival which leaves business owners wishing they had more space to work with.

"This kind of a festival I wish I had more rooms," said Steve Knaisel.