Woman May Face Charges For Gun Found In Luggage At Traverse City Airport

Airport security confiscated the luggage of a Georgia woman traveling through the Cherry Capital Airport.

Thursday morning Traverse City police were called to the airport after TSA found a firearm in her checked bag.

Police say they took a 22-caliber gun with 100 rounds.

The gun is registered to the woman, but she did not declare it.

A report is being sent to the prosecutors office.

“They need to make sure the airlines is aware of them bringing that firearm or planning or travel with that firearm,” says Dt/Sgt Keith Gillis. “That firearm needs to be secured, locked, unloaded, and in the luggage to be loaded in the bottom of the plane.”

Officers say there was no suspicious activity and she was able to fly home.

If the prosecutor feels the gun can be returned to the woman it will be sent to a federally licensed gun dealer in her home state of Georgia for her to pick up.