UPDATE: Houghton Lake Tip-Up Town USA Continues Despite Ice Problems

Sunday’s final events at Tip-Up Town USA went on as planned despite a truck falling through the ice Saturday night.

This weekend’s warmer temperatures caused concerns for the Houghton Lake festival and their events since many take place on the frozen lake.

Within a couple of hours the truck was removed from the lake.

But some were worried about Sunday’s events going on as planned.

The Houghton Lake Chamber of Commerce says the ice was safe enough for people to still take part in the ice fishing contest.

The chamber’s executive director Kim Akin says, “Ice fisherman, especially on this lake, they know the lake if they’re not from here the locals keep them up to date on where they should go and where they can’t go; they’re pretty resilient guys and they love to fish.”

Sunday was the last day for the two-weekend festival.