Sault Ste Marie Welcomes Ice Sculptors

Ice sculptors are showing off their talents this weekend at one of the U.P’s annual ice festivals.

Sault Ste Marie welcomed in "Ice Creations" from Ohio to work, and show, their magic.

Over 20 sponsors had sculptures made in advance, or in front of attendees, in downtown Sault.

Each block of ice weighs around 300 pounds, some sculptures topped out at nearly a half a ton.

The owner of "Ice Creations" says people are fascinated by the process.

"A lot of people don’t get to see live ice carvings. Over the years is has grown with popularity. People love to see the creation of something," says Chad Harston.

The sculptures are spread around the downtown area with the most at the farmer’s market grounds at the corner of Ashmun and Portage.

They will be on display as long as they can stand without melting.