Grand Traverse County New Affordable Housing Complexes Open

Today marked the grand opening of two affordable housing complexes in Grand Traverse County.

The Woda Group celebrated the completion of Brookside Commons and grand re-opening of Boardman Lake Apartments.

Plenty of people came out today to celebrate.

“Homes are an important part of the community and keeping this up is going to be a real attractive place for the residents,” says James Turner, State Director of USDA Rural Development.

More and more people are looking for an affordable place to live in the Grand Traverse Region.

The need is great, but several groups are trying to answer the call with low incoming housing.

“We put $2.5 million into that to build additional housing. It’s so needed here. In communities like Traverse City there’s a need for lower cost housing for principally just people who provide the services to the residents and tourists that come here,” Turner says. “So affordable housing is a real great need here and we’re proud to be investing in that.”

Today The Woda Group celebrated the grand re-opening of 112 rehabilitated units at Boardman Lake Apartments and competition of 72 units at Brookside Commons.

Both were built to help fill the affordable housing need.

“We’re talking about housing that is targeted for families and seniors at the lower income spectrum,” says Craig Patterson, Senior VP at The Woda Group. “These are the people that the local residents enjoy. They fellowship with them in the retail stores down on Front Street, in the schools, some of them are young teachers, some of them are bus drivers in the school district, young entrepreneurs. These are people that are either getting started in life or they’re retiring and they need affordable housing in the city of Traverse City.”

Janet Riolo was able to secure her spot in the newly renovated apartments, but she says there’s still not enough.

“There should be more of them in town because a lot of people can’t afford other apartments and this is affordable living and they go according to your living,” Riolo says. “So I think they should have a lot more of these in town.”

Patterson says both complexes filled up at a record pace, and both have waiting lists.