Flint Water Drive Honors Mount Pleasant Boy

People across Michigan continue to help Flint during the city’s water crisis.

Today a water drive in Mount Pleasant collected bottled water to send to people in Flint all to honor a very special young man.

The water drive was put on in memory of Ethan Wudyka.

We first told you about old Ethan back in November of 2014.

He was diagnosed with cancer and died one year ago today.

Ethan was just eight years old.

His fight with cancer inspired a movement called Ethan’s Army that helped him and his family during his battle.

Ethan Wudyka touched hundreds of people during his courageous battle with an inoperable brain tumor. Today, a year after his passing a water drive was held to help people in Flint in his honor.

“Here everyone is giving for Ethan in memory of him to help others out. It doesn’t matter who they are in Flint, they are going to get the water and we hope that it helps them out a lot. People are so kind and they’re sharing and giving. It shows the really true spirit of what people are like,” said family friend Darlene Bassett.

It carries on the simple mission of Ethan’s Army, helping others in their time of need.

“It really does feel good. I never anticipated it going on but it’s just amazing that it is and now I hope that it stays going on even more. I hope other people get other ideas doing this for other people to help others out,” said Bassett.

Hundreds of cases of water were collected. Students from Mount Pleasant High School brought almost two hundred cases. Proof of just how many lives this boy continues to inspire.

“Everyone knows of him here so it’s just really nice that everyone was able to pitch in and donate, and it was really nice to get the community together for this,” said student Hannah Krepostman.

The nearly eight thousand bottles of water collected today are scheduled to be taken to Flint tomorrow