Manistee Meth Bust Comes After Months of Investigating

Last night, the SSCENT drug team made a Meth arrest in Manistee.

They searched a house at the corner of 8th Street and Ramsdell Street in the city of Manistee with the help of Manistee Police, Manistee County Sheriff and Manistee Fire.

"It’s been going on for so long here," says neighbor Nick Fowler.

Last night’s Meth bust isn’t surprising to Fowler. He lives across the street and says it was obvious soMething was going on.

"There were different people knocking on the door, different knocks too, special knocks. They were in there at least two minutes, three minutes and then they were out," says Fowler.

An arrest is a relief to parents who live on the street, but also a reminder that they have to keep a close eye on their kids.

"Our little ones play around out here and it’s kinda hard to not being able to let them go where they wanna go because you gotta worry about the houses," says Arlyn McClintock, who lives down the street from where the lab was found.

Police say they’ve been investigating the house for a long time. In fact, the same house was broken into by two gunmen in September

"The guys back then claimed they were trying to get drugs out of the house. They bought drugs there before so they thought there’d be drugs in the house," says Director of Manistee Public Safety Dave Bachman.

Chief Bachman says since then, they’ve been working to gather enough evidence for a search warrant of the house.

"Of course everybody told us it wasn’t a drug house and were wrong on our assumption of that, but I think we came full circle yesterday putting that case together. She’s got a lot of things to answer for. They found meth and she had a weapon she has a lot of problems legally," says Chief Bachman.

One of the men arrested after that September break-in, Lucien John, was sentenced to fourteen months in prison.

The other defendant, Lawrence Nickelsen, is still awaiting trial.