Man Sentenced For Deadly Stabbing Of Cheboygan County Brothers

Two brothers were killed last summer and their mother was severely hurt.

Monday, the man who stood watch as it all happened learned his punishment.

Jesse Spurlock will serve at least 15 years in prison for his involvement in the deadly home invasion.

The case is out of Ann Arbor in Washtenaw County, but the victims were from Indian River, in Cheboygan County.

9&10 News first brought you this story last June, when 12-year-old Timber Brown and his half-brother Jon were stabbed to death while staying at a friend’s house in York Township with their mother, Vickie Moore.

She survived, spending months in recovery.

Jesse Spurlock showed virtually no emotion Monday afternoon as a judge sentenced him for his role in the June murders, but he did apologize to the family of the victims.

Both Timber’s mom and aunt spoke to the judge about the impact these murders had on them.

After their emotional pleas to the court for a tough sentence, the prosecutor told the judge they do not believe Spurlock had any idea Joseph Hall’s plan to break into the home would result in the murders.

Before learning his sentence, Spurlock addressed the court.

“I was raised better than that, I know better than that and I will live with it forever. Being irresponsible and selfish a child died, I just hope someday somebody can accept my apology,” said Spurlock.

Spurlock went on to say he wishes he had told Hall to take him home before ever going to that house that night.

Spurlock was sentenced on three charges Monday.

The first was first-degree home invasion, the second two were second-degree murder charges.

Now he is being credited for already being in jail since June for each of those three counts and he’s serving these sentences concurrently. He could be eligible for parole in about 13 years.

Coming up on 9&10 News at 6:00, hear from Timber’s mother Vickie, who was emotional in court and is still dealing with her own injuries from being stabbed more than a dozen times.

Joseph Hall confessed to stabbing Timber and Jon back in June.

A judge sentenced Hall to life in prison with no parole in December.