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Upper Peninsula Investigators Make Arrests for Mobile Meth Lab

A long drug ring investigation led to the arrest of three people.

They were found inside a car with an active meth lab in Chippewa County.

The Tri-D.EN.T drug team was running surveillance on the Chippewa County home when the suspects got into the car.

Detectives arrested Adam and Britney Edwardson, along with Alisa Leblanc in Sault Ste. Marie for several charges including making meth and having a drug house.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Erin Malone continue our coverage on the arrests.

"They had a container. They had all of the ingredients to make meth put together," Chippewa County Undersheriff Mike Bitnar said. "Once that’s put together they have to release the chemical gases or the container will explode, so they went mobile with it."

Tri-D.EN.T drug team investigators arrested Adam and Britney Edwardson, as well as Alisa Leblanc after several months investigating a Sault Ste. Marie meth ring.

"The investigation intensified at that time and once the officers became aware that there was an active cook going on in the vehicle, then they stopped the vehicle and made an arrest," Chippewa County chief assistant prosecutor James Robinson said.

Police pulled over the suspected vehicle with the three people inside where they were actively cooking meth and that led them to another vehicle where they found that they were dumping materials from their cooks. 

"They found components, waste and everything needed, not only this meth lab, but many meth labs that they had been involved in previous to that," Bitnar said.

People in the community say they’re happy to see police getting drugs off the street.

"Most of these places you think are out in the woods somewhere and you know they’re just trafficking drugs or whatever," local resident Les Townsend said, "but somebody on the move is a lot tougher to catch, but they did it and that’s great."

Investigators say they will be arresting several more people.

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