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Remus Man Found Dead in Snow, State Police Investigating

State Police investigating a body found in the snow outside a church.

A passerby made the gruesome discovery early this morning.

State Police are investigating it as a homicide until evidence points in a different direction.

The body was found in the snow near Saint Michael’s Catholic Church on M-20 near 50th Avenue west of Remus in Mecosta County.

State Police say they have tentatively identified the man as a thirty year old from Remus.

But they’re still not sure how he died.

State Police continue their investigation tonight in to how a man found lying in the snow just a few feet from this Remus church died.

“From this point they will put all the evidence found at the scene, get that processed through the crime lab in Grand Rapids and once the autopsy is complete and those results are passed on to the law enforcement agency,” said Lt. Natalie King, Assistant Post Commander at the Mt. Pleasant Post.  

His death is being investigated as a homicide until evidence points in a different direction.

“We treat all unattended deaths as a homicide until we determine otherwise, That does not mean this is what this will end up being it certainly could be many other things than a homicide," said King. 

State Police also used some new technology to help them in their investigation today.

“Today our aviation unit out of Lansing bring up the unmanned aircraft system which is a system that flies a grid pattern over the area and is able to pinpoint the exact area of all evidence.  Our traffic reconstruction unit also has devices they can use to help pinpoint usually technically used at traffic crashes, but can be used at any crime scene,” said King.

While Troopers investigate, neighbors also reacting to the news of the discovery

“This areas really quiet and really don’t have a lot of things like that going on around here, so when something like that does happen its nerve racking and wondering who and why and how,” said Sara Taylor who lives near the scene.

State Police ask anyone that might have seen something suspicious in the area to contact them with that information. 

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