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Kalkaska County Residents Voice Concerns Over Potential New Raceway

After one Northern Michigan raceway has closed, talk has begun about developing a new one.

A local developer brought up the plans to the Boardman Township board Wednesday night.

Bill Stepke says he wants to build a new dirt track along US-131 and Larson Road in Kalkaska County.

Stepke says after Cherry Raceway closed in Fife Lake, Northern Michigan needs a new location.

Township Supervisor Gerry Gaultier says the township needs to research the areas zoning to see if it’s allowed.

People who live across the street from the potential site say they are not in favor of the development.

“I’m all for a track don’t get me wrong but this is not the place to put it,” says Pam Gephart. “Between the traffic, the noise and it’s so close to where my house is that we’re not going to be able to enjoy the quiet were used to.”

Gephart also says the raceway would bring an incredible amount of unsafe traffic along US-131.

A planning commission meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 28 at 7p.m.

The public is invited to share their thoughts on the raceway.

Stepke declined to go on camera today about the potential development, but says he expects a large turn out from race fans at the meeting.