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TC Airport Reacts to Gov Snyder’s Signing of Aviation Funding Bill

Some changes for Michigan airports today as Governor Snyder signed new funding legislation.

The aviation funding bill ensures that the aviation fuel tax is used for aviation purposes.

The bill has been a long time coming according to Cherry Capital Airport director Kevin Klein.

It brings Michigan in line with FAA standards for the use of taxes on aviation fuel.

Now airports across Michigan will receive 5% of their funding from the state.

It will keep costs down for both the airport and taxpayers.

“If we had to pay those additional grant dollars for those capital projects we may not be self-sufficient, we may require tax payer support,” Kevin Klein says. “So that’s how important it is to keep us self-sufficient and so it is very important that these bills were signed.”

Klein says the money is important for capital construction projects and says the bill wouldn’t have been possible without the work of State Senator Wayne Schmidt.

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