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New Online Service For Grand Traverse County Community and Law Enforcement

Promo Image: New Online Service For Grand Traverse County Community and Law Enforcement

Set up began in December and Thursday both Traverse City Police and Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department are up and running with Crime Mapping.

Benjaman Bennetts, a Traverse City resident says, “You never know who’s a couple doors down.”

As part of their community policing effort, Traverse City Police Department is now using an online service called Crime Mapping. A service that costs $500 a year for the city and free to the community.

Captain James Bussell of the Traverse City Police Department says, “We frequently get phone calls from citizens in the community or businesses in the community with questions about crime, locations, trends, types of crimes when they’re making decisions.”

And that’s where Crime Mapping becomes handy. It can show users crimes and their locations within days after a police report is finished.

Captain Bussell says, “You can search back as far as three months, you can specify the dates, zoom in on locations you can also specify the crime groups.”

A resourceful service for everyone involved; the online service allows police to analyze crime trends and helps the community stay aware.

Meme McCall lives in Traverse City and says, “I think I would use it basically to see what’s going on in my neighborhood or around me due to the fact I walk a dog.”

Benjaman Bennetts says he wishes Crime Mapping was available when he moved to the area.

“Having a tool that’s a good resource for just further knowledge of the area is pretty beneficial.”

Community members are recognizing the local law enforcement effort to be transparent.

“I think the more the police are out there putting resources that the community could use is a good benefit for the community,” says McCall.

You can download the app or go online and use it now.