Mackinac Bridge Authority Keeping Close Eye on Icy Cables, Possible Falling Ice

Although there isn’t much ice on the Straits, the Mackinac Bridge is a different story.

The bridge deck is fine to drive on, but last week’s mist storm coated the bridge cables with a layer of ice.

Temperatures have stayed low enough for that ice to remain frozen, but with sunshine and warmer temperatures in the forecast, it could start to melt and fall onto the bridge deck.

The Mackinac Bridge Authority has been keeping a close eye to make sure everyone stays safe.

"We have patrols that go across the bridge quite often, so they’re always looking for ice to start falling and then we’ll see how severe it is," Mackinac Bridge Authority chief engineer Kim Nowack said. "We may end up having to close the bridge for the time during the ice that’s falling down."

The Bridge Authority says it’s too dangerous for workers to go up and chip the ice off, so they just have to let it fall naturally.