Local Lawmakers React to State of the State Address

Governor Snyder’s State of the State address garnering strong reactions today.

The Tuesday night speech was his most important, and had people from across the country watching.

A lot of the speech was devoted to the Flint water crisis.

Governor Snyder said he will fix the water problems, and designate 28 million dollars to help the city.

Governor Snyder also pushed lawmakers to pass bills to overhaul Detroit’s troubled schools.

He announced a commission on 21st century education to help improve education, career and college readiness.

He also brought up improving the state’s infrastructure.

Mentioning the Enbridge line five in the Straits. He said he will issue an executive order instructing MDOT to talk with local officials every time they do a new road project, to see if underground pipes need work too.

One of the other key parts to the governor’s speech was adding another Soo lock, saying the failure of the aging Poe lock would be devastating to the nation’s economy.

After discussing the Flint water crisis, Governor Snyder asked for financial help in the Detroit school system. Something Northern Michigan lawmakers say they don’t want to impact schools here.

“Anytime you talk about the budget and money, it impacts the budget,” said Senator Darwin Booher.

The Governor also said he wants to see infrastructure improved across the state, something Democrats hoped to hear more about.

“When we talk about infrastructure in the state of Michigan, it shouldn’t be just about our roads, it should also be about public transit and giving everyone ways to navigate this state. It also it creates jobs when we build it,” said Representative Robert Wittenberg.

And he asked for more work to be done to help grow the economy across the state, Northern Michigan lawmakers hope to see that growth happen right here.

“All of Northern Michigan, all of the state of Michigan is going to be affected when the whole national economy turns around. We’re positioned in a perfect position to take advantage of that expansion,” said Representative Ray Franz.

We’ll get a better idea of the Governor’s priorities when he releases his budget proposal next month.