Big Rapids Experts Weigh In On Falling Stocks

"I don’t think people should worry right now. There’s nothing really big happening," said David Hebert.

Still, falling stocks in January have people on edge. Experts say now is not the time to worry.

"The stock market is down 400 points that’s true but that happens every January. It’s a standard thing it’s nothing we should be terribly worried about. If it continues to fall through February and March then yes we should be worried," said David Hebert.

A lot of different factors contribute to falling stocks, including coming off the holiday season, the presidential election, and the Fed.

"It could be the case that the Fed raising their rates a month ago is starting to show its affect now and the market is showing its affect now and the market is falling now because of that," said David Hebert.

And even though oil is at 27 dollars a barrel, it doesn’t mean economic turmoil is around the corner.

"It could be, it should be the case that while maybe 10 percent of the economy is suffering the oil industries the other 90 percent are benefiting tremendously. The price of oil is falling but so is gas and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love low gas prices," said David Hebert.

For people who invest carefully, now could be a great opportunity.

"If you’re a long term investor which is really the only intelligent way to invest this is by far your best friend because you get to buy it on sale," said Daniel Terry.

And long term, experts think we will be just fine.

"I don’t know what’s going to happen on the short term but I do know long term to never bet against this economy," said Daniel Terry.