School Leaders Hope Snyder Discusses Education Funding In State of the State Address

One issue that comes up in every state of the state address is education, and how to fund it.

The head of a local intermediate school district says the ongoing problems in the Detroit schools could affect districts all over the state.

The superintendent of the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District is worried about the $750 million the governor’s office says Michigan may need to spend to fix Detroit schools and their crumbling infrastructure.

Mike Hill says it has to be addressed, but superintendents everywhere have an eye on what it means for the school aid fund.

"Millions and millions of dollars that need to be taken care of. Once again, it needs to happen, but where is that going to come from? It can’t be at the sacrifice of the rest of the students throughout the state,” says Superintendent Hill.

The governor has also been pushing to make Michigan a leader for jobs in the skilled trades.

Hill says hearing more of that from the governor will be good news for students at career tech centers.