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Flint Mayor to Head to Washington to Ask for Disaster Declaration

Flint’s mayor says she is heading to Washington Tuesday morning in hopes of a disaster declaration from President Obama.

On Saturday, the president declared a federal emergency for the city, but declined a disaster declaration.

Lawyers are also expected to announce two class action lawsuits against Governor Rick Snyder.

Flint switched its water supply to the Flint River in 2014, but it wasn’t properly treated, stripping lead from pipes.

An area doctor says the number of children with lead in their systems has doubled to nearly 70.

Since the switch, 10 people have died from legionnaires disease.

Meanwhile, protesters demonstrated outside of Governor Snyder’s Ann Arbor home calling for his resignation and for him to be arrested amid the Flint water crisis.

Tuesday night, more than a thousand people are expected to come to the governor’s "State of the State" address in Lansing to continue protesting.