Snowy Conditions in Otsego County Create Big Problems For Drivers On I-75

Snowy conditions continue to cause big problems for anyone on the roads.

Crews had to clean up a multi-car pileup on Interstate 75, only to do it all over again at another pileup.    

Southbound I-75 at Marlette Road was closed in Waters because of a pileup.

I-75 was also closed for several hours from Vanderbilt to Gaylord in Otsego County earlier in the day.

Emergency responders say conditions in this area are known for being dangerous.

 “I-75 around the 286 southbound there was an accident due to white out conditions. Numerous vehicles involved, I think about 5-6 crashes and then about 10 or 12 vehicles, plus numerous road runoffs due to the white out conditions,” says Jon Deming, Otsego co. Emergency Manager, EMS Chief.  

I-75 between Gaylord and Vanderbilt was shut down for several hours Monday after a pileup including a Greyhound bus and logging truck.

 “These conditions are not for amateurs. You need to drive with your brain, not with your gas pedal,” says driver, Denise Woods-Dibiase.

Emergency responders say this stretch of road is known for being dangerous in the winter.

“Once or twice a year, they’re really bad fields right there, so you get the wind and the drifts that come across that field, nobody can see nothing. Somebody goes in the ditch and then it’s just a domino effect,” says Willy Marsh.

Drivers who were outside braving the weather say everyone needs to slow down.

“I don’t know where they’re going that’s so important, but they’re not only endangering themselves, they’re endangering everyone they’re passing,” says Woods-Dibiase.

Local EMS urge drivers to stay home if possible, but be ready if you do have to drive.

“You need to be prepared to travel in this weather. I mean, you should have some stuff in your car to handle it in case you go in the ditch, and secondly slow down, give way to emergency vehicles and move over because that’s dangerous,” says Deming.

Luckily there were no injuries from Monday’s pileup between Gaylord and Vanderbilt.

We’ll continue to bring you more details on the I-75 closure near Waters online and on 9&10 News at 11.