Kalkaska County Road Commission Keeping Up With Heavy Snow Fall

For the Kalkaska County Road Commission, the problem isn’t getting the roads clear, it’s keeping them clear.

They plow roads to have them covered by another round of lake effect snow within hours.

“Every road is bad,” says Kalkaska County Road Commission Manager John Rogers.  

Road commissions are working around the clock to clear roads.

Rogers says, “We have 10 drivers that are responsible for plowing about 550 miles of road. A lot of cases our drivers are working 10 and 12 hours in order to get one pass down every road.”

But for Kalkaska County Road Commission this storm has them beat.

“One driver can get through their route in an eight hour shift, but when they’re pushing this much snow not only is their truck slowing down but they’re burning more fuel so in some instances they have to stop and get more fuel,” says Rogers.

The biggest issue is back roads and the people driving on them. People are calling in thinking their back roads were forgotten, but Rogers says that’s not the case.

“If your road was plowed let’s say 7 o’clock in the morning chances are by 2 o’clock in the afternoon it’s going to look like no one has been on it all day.”

And it’s not just the road commission’s plow work that’s being snowed away. Local Russell Kelly says he’s had to snow blow his driveway and back yard twice Monday.

“If I don’t do it twice then I got to deal with the 20 inches or 22 so that definitely takes a lot longer.”

Time is just as valuable for the road commission.

Rogers says, “We can’t pull them off of their route to go get your roads sooner because it will take them longer throughout the day.”

 Kelly says, “If they’re done once in a day there’s not much more they can ask for, they don’t really have time to do it twice.”