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Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Wooden Trucks

Jack’s Journal: Wooden Trucks

He works with wood every day as a finish carpenter.  So he knows wood, he knows what it can and can’t do. And the reason he likes working with wood is pretty simple.

“The finished product, looking at something I did, I’m proud of what I do. I put all my heart and soul in it and have excellent results,” says Kief Baumann.

In his own workshop he builds things from wood, using a lathe to turn out bowls. He built a jewelry case for his wife.  But what Kief is becoming known for is his precise work building vehicles.  Trucks, excavators, cranes, fire trucks.  He buys the blue prints, these are not kits, each piece is hand made.

“To actually put hours to it would be difficult. On a rough guess I would say 70 to 80 hours,” says Kief. “Yeah there is a lot of glue time, lot of custom cutting, fanning, filing.”

Kief’s talent with wood has been passed through the generations. He uses the work bench built by his great-great-grandfather.  He takes the plans and adds his own personal touches, with special trim or exotic woods.

Every piece is handmade and fitted.  And to this point, every vehicle has been built for friends and family members. He is not looking to sell these trucks.

“It’s a dream of mine in the future, maybe, build a few a year for somebody who would really want a show piece,” says Kief.