Cadillac Snowmobile Video Goes Viral

"You only get one chance to make that run right otherwise bad things are going to happen," said Cody.

Video of a snowmobiler named Cody hydroplaning on the canal between Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell is going viral. He asked that we don’t use his last name. His video’s now been viewed more than 100 thousand times.

"I just didn’t think that many people would have an interest in it or like it and think that it was cool you know I just thought some snowmobiling buddies would think it turned out good," he said.

But with the thrill of riding on top of water comes serious safety risks.

"Anything can happen when a vehicle is hydroplaning or a snowmobile is hydroplaning at that speed. They have no turning ability they’re basically skipping across the water like a stone," said Officer Roger Collins.

Even though it’s an adrenaline rush, there are rules against hydroplaning.

"The snowmobiler isn’t supposed to operate his machine at a speed greater than what’s absolutely necessary to maintain a forward motion within 100 feet of open water," said Officer Roger Collins.

And if the snowmobile ends up in the lake, it could hurt the environment.

"If it sits in that lake for an extended period of time there’s going to be fluids that could be gasoline, oil, antifreeze there could be many different types of fluids that could contaminate the lake and the cost of clean up could be substantial," Officer Roger Collins said.

Regardless of the extra attention, Cody still knows the risks.

"It’s not that I endorse it as being safe because it’s definitely not a safe thing and I don’t endorse it as being legal because it’s definitely not that easy I’m definitely not out here to endorse it," Cody said.

Click here to see the video.