MTM On The Road: The Shrub Soda Company in Traverse City

The founders of popular Traverse City food truck and beverage bar The Little Fleet are back with ingenuity. Gary and Allison Jonas started utilizing shrub—an infusion of apple cider vinegar and fruit—when Goodwill’s Farm to Freezer program offered excess fresh, but not-so-pretty produce. If you visited The Little Fleet last summer, there’s a reasonable chance you’ve tried the shrub in a number of their craft cocktails. The vinegar and fruit mixture has recently taken off in bars all over the world, also sold a supplement to add to soda water. But centuries back, cultures have long consumed the concoction claiming health benefits as a healing elixir. Fast forward to 2015 the Jonas duo teamed up with Farm to Freezer and Northwoods Soda to produce the first ever shrub soda, The Shrub Soda Company. It’s a simple combination of organic apple cider vinegar, locally sourced fruits, a touch of sugar and fizzy water. No more, no less and pretty darn tasty. Join our On The Road crew as they tour the production of northern Michigan’s newest soda company!

The Shrub Soda Company is sold at the following downtown Traverse City locations:

BLK MRKT @ 144 Hall Street, Traverse City MI 49684

THE LITTLE FLEET @ 448 East Front Street,Traverse City MI 49686

HARVEST @ 113 E. State Street, Traverse City MI 49684

BURRITTS FRESH MARKET @ 509 West Front Street, Traverse City MI 49684

FOLGARELLI’S @ 424 West Front Street, Traverse City MI 49684

PLEASANTON BAKERY @ 811 Cottageview Drive, Traverse City MI 49684

PANGEA’S PIZZA @ 135 East Front Street, Traverse City MI 49684

MILK AND HONEY @ 240 East Front Street, Traverse City MI 49684

COOKS’ HOUSE @ 115 Wellington Street, Traverse City MI 49686

LEFT FOOT CHARLEY URBAN WINERY @ 806 Red Drive #100, Traverse City MI 49684

BREW @ 105 East Front Street, Traverse City MI 49684