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Manistee Apartment Fire Caused by Chicken Burning on Stove, Woman Hospitalized

A woman went to the hospital with minor injuries after a stove fire in her apartment.

It happened Thursday night around 9 p.m. at Century Terrace Apartments in Manistee on the fifth floor.

When crews got there, they found a woman walking in circles, disoriented, while the fire burned in the kitchen.

Two officers put out the fire with fire extinguishers, then found the woman had collapsed on the couch.

They attempted to revive her, but Manistee City Police Chief David Bachman says she was unresponsive.

Police believe she was drinking.

Crews say the fire started when she put chicken in a plastic container on the stove and turned it on.

The apartment has minor smoke damage.

"She could have laid there five more minutes," Chief Bachman says. "You might get brain damage or who knows what happens when you lay in that smoke. If you survive, you might have permanent damage so kudos to the officers for stepping into that environment and getting her out of there."

Chief Bachman also says the woman has recovered and was released from the hospital.

“All of the pieces that could come together came together well last night and we didn’t have any damage," Chief Bachman says. "We didn’t have 119 units evacuated. It would’ve been horrible.”

No other apartments had to be evacuated.