Cadillac YMCA Receives Thousands from Baker College To Forgive Debt

An act of generosity is helping a Northern Michigan YMCA climb out of a debt more than six-figures deep.

The Cadillac YMCA opened in 2009.

Baker College granted them $1.25 million during construction.

When the YMCA’s campaign fell short of the money they needed, Baker loaned them one-million dollars.

As of this week, Baker College forgave $817,000 of that loan.

Cadillac YMCA Executive Director Dan Smith says it’s an act of kindness that helps the community.

"It is an extremely generous gesture from baker and positions our Y to be able to look at the community even further and say, ‘What other needs can we start to address now?’" Smith says. "It’s wonderful to have that gift and to have a partner who is so willing to give it and has done so much for us and for our community, as a whole."

Smith says the YMCA only has &175,000 left to pay, which they have already started making payments on.

“Baker’s just always had a giving mindset for our community and been community minded about what our community need and looked to have an impact in that way," Smith says. "That’s why they aligned so well with what we do because we are also community minded about meeting needs and strengthening our community.”