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Benzie County Snow Removal Program Clears Path For Community

"I just feel safe when I go out and not get caught in some snow bank somewhere," said Dorris Loll.

A snow plow removal voucher program in Benzie County looks after people who could get stuck inside during the winter months.

"I got 27 accounts and I lost a few over the years because they are old but you just fall in love with them. I’ve had ladies bring me out cookies and pop and they’re just all great," said Kevin Kraak.

More than 5 contractors split up Benzie County to plow, and shovel people’s driveways. But some workers like Kevin clean walkways, clear mailboxes, and dust off bird feeders.

"Pretty much I go way above and beyond what the council asks me to do but they have no one else to do it and I’m here plowing anyway and it only takes a few extra minutes to help them out anyway," Kevin Kraak said.

Taking a few extra minutes that can make a life or death difference.

"I had a lady in Thompsonville who was unconscious in her house. Well no one would know it if I didn’t show up to plow and I helped her out," Kevin Kraak said.

Over the years the snow plowers form friendships with their clients.

"They are great people who can come and do the work and just be helpful which is good," said Dorris Loll.

While making sure they are ok getting out of their houses.

"I live on a hill and it’s pretty treacherous and I have to be careful you know when I’m going out anywhere that I don’t have too much snow," said Dorris Loll.

And families far away can relax, knowing their loved ones are safe.

"My kids are thrilled because they don’t have to come take care of their mama all the time," said Dorris Loll.