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Northern Michigan Reflects On State of the Union Address

"People still love America despite the negatives they are still fighting for our freedoms they still love Americans we will try to help others we are very proud and we are very proud of our freedoms and we need to keep our freedoms," said Trina Scott.

The State of the Union Address has people thinking about where our country is, and where they want to see it go.

"I think that going forward we can reexamine the laws we already have in the books and see if those can be slimmed down and impaired somewhat and then be very careful about adding more," said Steve Scerbak.

Some worry we’ve lost track of what’s important.

"I think people are lacking values. They’re not necessarily thinking about what our forefathers really wanted for us they’re forgetting what we were based on why America is here why we have the freedoms that we have and I think we need to go back and simplify our lives," said Trina Scott.

While President Obama touted the economic and other areas of progress over the last seven years, he said the progress he wants to see in the next decade and beyond can’t just come from the person elected to the highest office.

"The movement of the power to the people and people really grabbing on to that instead of looking for some president to come save them but to have they are the ones who are empowered," said Cameron Robbins.