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Wexford County Road Commission Prepares for Freezing Rain, Icy Road Conditions

Road commissions across the area spent the day getting ready for what’s ahead.

In Wexford County, commission workers say as of now, many roads are clear, but that could change quickly.

To get ahead of any freezing rain or drizzle, crews spread salt throughout the county.

The road commission says it’s not just about them preparing, Drivers should be ready for anything as well.

“Our gravel roads kinda have some hard pack on them and we’re out there scratching it up trying to get some of it off, so if it does rain first it won’t be as icy.  Whenever you have that kind of weather you need to allow yourself more time and to slow down while you’re on the road.” Says Alan Cooper of the Wexford County Road Commission.

The road commission says they’re just waiting for the weather to arrive.

And once it does, they’ll be ready.